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Predicted Date, But Baby Not Born Yet

Labor or delivery is usually estimated at around 40 weeks' gestation. But, if the baby has not yet been born after the prediction date, there are several possible causes. One of the most frequent causes is having a first pregnancy. The predicted date of birth is a date that is estimated through several ways, such as the calculation of the first day of the last menstrual period (HPHT) and through an ultrasound examination conducted by a doctor. This prediction date is not an absolute thing, and the birth of a baby can occur outside the prediction date.

Possible Causes of Baby Born After Prediction Date

Babies born after the prediction date can be caused by an error when determining the first day of the last menstrual period. Some other things that cause babies born after the predicted date of labor are:
  • First birth
  • The fetus is male
  • Pregnant women who are obese
  • Never experienced the same situation before
  • Problems with the placenta and fetus

Risk of Birth past Prediction Date

When babies are born past the predicted date, especially up to more than 42 weeks, some of the following risks can occur in babies:
  • Lack of oxygen.
  • Growth slows down or even stops, because placental function usually decreases after gestational age above 38 weeks.
  • Difficult to pass the birth canal, because his body size is too large. If the baby cannot be born with a normal delivery, the doctor may recommend a cesarean section or delivery with the help of forceps.
  • Reducing the amount of amniotic fluid, even though this is the liquid that protects the fetus in the womb. This reduced amniotic fluid can affect the heart rate of the fetus.
  • Swallowing and inhaling the first stool (meconium) found in amniotic fluid. This can disrupt the respiratory tract and make the lungs are not developing properly.
  • Experiencing fetal distress, which is characterized by slowing heartbeat.
  • Died in the womb or died shortly after birth.

Handling of Pregnancy Through Predicted Birth Date

If it is over a week after the estimated delivery date, the condition of the pregnant woman will continue to be monitored by the doctor to see if there are any signs of complications. Most pregnant women will give birth spontaneously at 42 weeks gestation. To prevent childbirth over 42 weeks, the doctor will usually induce when the pregnancy is 41 weeks and the condition of the cervix is ​​ready, or even as soon as possible if complications occur. There are also doctors who may choose to wait for labor to come naturally while monitoring the situation of pregnant women and fetuses. If you experience this condition, try to stay calm. Especially if the doctor says that the condition of the fetus is fine. Do not let this condition add to the burden on your mind. Try to keep yourself busy, so you don't constantly think about when labor will arrive. In addition, do regular pregnancy checks to the obstetrician until the day of the birth of the baby.


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