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The Right Natural Way to Handle a Stomach Wrap

Almost everyone has felt stomach pain. Generally abdominal pain is a term used to describe dull pain in the abdomen or abdominal cramps. One form of abdominal pain that is often complained of is a stomach twist. Many conditions and diseases that can cause stomach pain wrapped around. Diseases and problems in the organs of the digestive tract such as the intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and stomach can be a source of stomach pain wrapped around. Some of the causes that can cause the stomach to feel like twisting include infections, food poisoning, to digestive disorders.

Natural Ingredients for Overcoming Stomach Wrap

Each person has different techniques in dealing with twisting stomach pain. However, one method that works for one person may not be effective for another. Then what is the safest way to deal with a stomach twist? Although it still needs to be investigated further, but the following natural ingredients are believed to help overcome stomach aches wrapped around:
  • Ginger

  • According to research, ginger is one of the natural products that have the potential to overcome several types of stomach pain. This spice, which since ancient times has been used as an antidote to nausea, contains natural anti-inflammatory properties. To overcome an upset stomach, you can chew a little ginger or put a few pieces of fresh ginger into a cup of warm tea. Nowadays, many supplement products contain ginger so that it is easier to consume.
  • Mint leaves

  • Another ingredient that is also believed to be used to relieve stomach aches is mint leaves. The content of menthol in these leaves acts as a natural analgesic that can help reduce stomach pain and reduce nausea. To relieve stomach aches wrapped around, simply by drinking mint leaves brewed with warm water or warm tea. Another method that can be used is to suck mint candy or chew mint leaves directly.
  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar can neutralize stomach aches. If you don't like the sour taste that is too strong, mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water and one teaspoon of honey, then drink slowly. The possibility of apple cider vinegar can cure stomach ache because it is able to overcome the condition of excess starch (complex carbohydrates that do not dissolve with water) and help the digestive process. This allows starch to reach the intestine faster while maintaining the presence of healthy bacteria in the intestine.
  • BRAT diet

  • The BRAT diet comes from the abbreviation of banana, rice, apple sauce, toast or banana, rice, applesauce and toast. These four types of food are useful to help soothe colic, both from nausea and diarrhea. The foods above are low in fiber, but rich in binding substances. Another advantage of the BRAT diet is its low salt content. This diet may be tasteless, but will be very useful when someone has an upset stomach, including a stomach twist.
Various natural ingredients can be tried to alleviate complaints of the stomach twisting you suffer. Even so, it is likely that not everyone can experience the benefits, and further research is still needed to prove its effectiveness.

How to Relieve a Stomach Wrap

In addition to some of the natural ingredients above, some of the actions below can also help relieve stomach aches wrapped around:
  • Reduce or avoid activities that can accumulate excess air in the stomach, such as smoking, eating too fast, chewing gum, and consuming soft drinks.
  • Stop consuming foods that trigger stomach upset.
  • Eat a reasonable portion and not overeat.
  • Don't lie down for at least two hours after eating.
  • Inadequate body rest needs.
  • Use a warm pillow or bottle filled with warm water and place it on the aching stomach to relieve the pain.
Even though it is not considered a serious condition, sufferers of twisted stomach pain are still advised to see a doctor. Especially if it occurs prolonged despite taking steps to handle it.


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